donderdag 14 februari 2013

love to make a living with my own creations!

great shopper
bright yellow sunglass pouch
or a blue one with flowers
cant wait for spring to come
to see my little girls
(or someone elses)
walk around
in this little mini

or this one
i would
love to wear it myself

to funk up
a t-shirt with jeans
with  cool bodywarmer

used a nother sleeping bag for this one

love this chocolate brown
with white flowers to

found a white and blue
its great material to make little

two little rabbits on
red and white checkers

beautyfull on the inside

i think a girl will feel like
wearing this beautyfull skirt
and yes i,m being commercial promoting my shop
on met im bussy filling it with the close that i,ve made
thanks for visiting

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