donderdag 6 maart 2014

Bring on a spring ,full of vintage fabric!!

                                                                                Spring is in the air so im puting away the vintage blankets

                                             Enough inspiration for next year

                                                 This was officialy the last winter   coat for this winter season

                                                     i,ve started cutting into some vintage sheets for a spring collection

                                                  This is the pattern "ragdolls vintage for kids "started with 10 years ago
simple but sweet

                                                                                 I thought it was a good idea to use it again

                                                 Little girls look so sweet in them

                                                     Im going to use some pinks blue's and purples a lot i think

                                                   But some bright greens wil look great to, dont you think?

                                                                          This is a reverseble coat i made out of a vintage sheet and pink / white spotted furniture fabric.               i used vintage butons on this one ,wooden ones for the inside.

                                                                       And green ones for the outside
                                                          The handmade/ vintage markets have started again,                                                                               the 6th of april theres "the  homemade market"                  
 and the 20th "the sunday market" for the first time in The Hague

                                                            So were ready for sunshine and blue sky's, bring it on!!!!!

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