woensdag 9 april 2014

Home made market april 2014

                                Twice a year we,ve got "the home made market" going on
                 Me and my sister always rent some space, and bring our own table ect.
                                   We make it look as good as we can
         This time it rained a bit , but we had our vintage ( ofcourse) umbrella with us
     For the market i made some sweet jackets,brown ,orange and yellow, my favorit colours
                            Or this bright lime and red,this ones made from a dufet cover
                            You know we love to recycle
                This ones from my sisters hand, so cute, she used the fabric of a curtain.
                   Although we specialised ourselfs in jackets over the last 10 years
                I also love to make dresses,the bag is made of a vintage tea towel. 
                            This lovely green one is also made out of a vintage curtain,
                             it was bought by a irish man who bought it for his daughter

                                   And last but not least this tiny coat from a vintage sheet,
                                            Each jacket comes with a handmade tote bag .
                                              We had a great time,at the and of the day we 
                                         packed up our vintage stuff into the  vintage car
                                                      and went back to our vintage home,

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh wow they all look great! Love those vintage floral motivs <3. Hope you sold a lot.

  2. I am SO impressed! Beautiful stuff you guys make - and what a wonderful stall you had too! Where about is this market?
    I love the jackets you make!


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