zaterdag 19 april 2014

easter bunny bunting tutorial

I made this easter bunny bunting to decorate our stal on the sunday market tomorow
                          I know im a bit late for a tutorial but stil i would like to share,
                            you could make any figure you like
                                             first i had a rumage thrue my fabric scraps
Then draw a bunny on some paper,layered the fabric pinne the bunny on top and cut them out
         I then put down a piece of fusible interfacing ( stiky side up) 
             on my ironing board and ironed the bunnys on to it
            Cutted  them al out and did a bit more ironing so they stiked on well
              They look so pretty al together
                                 then figured out in which order i would like to see them hanging them
                                       used some neon edging that i found at a thrift shop
                                         I left 15 cm in between every bunny, and sewed them on
                                                                                                                              Ready for the sunday market in the hague tomorow
I'll get some better pictures of them hanging on the market stall
Have a lovely easter and mayby see you there?

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